Sharon Kientz is a personal hero.  I met Sharon in a Gaithersburg MD hotel lobby in March of 2005.   She had traveled across a continent to pour her heart out to an FDA advisory committee . She was allotted three minutes to speak. They listened.   Sharon Kientz   She told the committee how the school system conspired to change her normal,                       energetic six year old grandson into someone who will never be healthy and                        whole.  She was successful. We got "black box warnings" on the ADHD                       stimulants for cardiovascular dangers. This retired kindergarten teacher was chosen as the Right to Read Foundation's first Teacher of the Year in 1995.  She is a past school board member. Sharon was the Eagle Forum's Leader Of the Year in 2007 for her successful fight against TeenScreen in Fresno, CA. Don't get in this grandma's way. Vince Legal drugs aren't necessarily safe drugs "Heath Ledger had six prescriptions, but no illegal drugs" proclaimed the Appeal (1/14/2008) reporting on the death of the young actor. When are people going to wake up to the "other" drug problem washing over America, that of prescription drugs? Because they are legal, they are believed to be safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although replete with Food and Drug Administration Black-Box warnings of dangerous side-effects, the consumption of psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs, both psychiatric and pain killers, continues to escalate. The American Psychiatric Association is an agent of harm as it pushes the biological model of mental disorders and pathologizes normal behaviors from exuberance in children to melancholy in adults. Without a shred of scientific evidence the APA has enshrined "biochemical imbalances in the brain" as the cause of all mental illnesses. For every one of the 374 made-up mental disorders in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the pharmaceutical companies have a drug to "balance" the "imbalance." The psychopharmaceutical industry exists in an immoral symbiosis magnifying profits at the expense of patients' wellbeing. MedWatch is an FDA voluntary Adverse Reaction reporting service to which only 1 to 10 percent of ARs are reported. During the 1990s, 186 deaths from Ritalin or "Kiddie Cocaine" were reported. In 2008, at least a dozen jury trials are scheduled across the country for Paxil suicide-related cases because of GlaxoSmithKline's failure to warn consumers about the known risk of suicide ideation. Eli Lilly is facing a $1 billion federal fine for illegal marketing of the drug Zyprexa. Lilly has already paid $1.2 billion to settle 30,000 lawsuits for harmful side-effects. In 2005, the Center for Disease Control reported that the number of accidental drug overdose deaths from all drugs increased from 11,155 to 19,838 between 1999 and 2004. Included in this statistic is an 83.5 percent increase in deaths from psychiatric drugs. Heath Ledger is just the latest celebrity casualty of prescription drugs. How many casualties are there among the nameless? Remember the sweet child Rebecca Riley. How many more deaths before this epidemic is stopped? SHARON STEELE KIENTZ Carson City



SHOCK TREATMENT - 1961                      The Killing of Susan Kelly     At Baldpate Hospital, Georgetown, Massachusetts                            The black-suited man slithered, Black box in hand,To our bedsides, four girls, innocent, naked,Waiting      waiting      waiting,Sticky-headed, One by one.Zapping currents through us,Young bones cracked, brains bruisedBy his cold-fingered electrified touch. Crime completed,In collusion with white-skirted nurses,The limb holders,He slinked back into the early morning frost,Hot morning coffee in hand,Leaving us quieted, flat as pancakes.And Susan, The soft white sheet covering her,Did not move at all.His shocks had stolen her, skin and bone,That beautiful flaxen-haired child,At seventeen,Silencing her questioning streamOf daily chatter, her ballet dreams. In her innocence, she had spoken for me,Muted and crushed by endless sizzlings.Inches away, I did not hear her silent callAs she slipped into death's embrace,Beyond -Where her little fingers hold the violin strings to my heart, Playing them like a marionetteIn the gentle breezes of heaven.©2007 Dorothy W. Dundas

Videos & Photos of Psychiatric Survivor Dialogue With World Psychiatric Association Online

by David W. Oaks — last modified 2007-12-16 12:24

When the World Psychiatric Association held a special international meeting on the subject of coercion in psychiatry, MindFreedom united with several other organizations of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors to negotiate inclusion in the conference, and create a dialogue. The results were video taped and are now online.

Dorothea Buck speaks at World Psychiatric Association.

Peter Lehmann was negotiator on behalf of MindFreedom and several other user/survivor groups with the World Psychiatric Association. Reinhard Wojke provided professional video services.


Message from Peter Lehmann and Reinhard Wojke:

Video, photo and word documentation from the congress "Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry", run by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in Dresden, Germany, June 2007 is now available online.=======================================================Dear friends,This is for all who did not come to the congress "Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry," run by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in Dresden, Germany, June 2007, and speak there against forced treatment:

The video, photo and text documentation from the perspective (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry is now available at: would be glad, if you distribute this mail in your organisations and mailing lists.For example, find there the===> Keynote lecture by Judy Chamberlin "Whose Voice? Whose Choice? Whose Power?"===> Keynote lecture by Dorothea Buck "Seventy Years of Coercion in German Psychiatric Institutions, Experienced and Witnessed" plus the respond from Juan E. Mezzich, President of WPA===> Complete symposium "Banned by Bio-psychiatry: What Users and Survivors of Psychiatry Really Want", chaired by Peter Lehmann, with the lectures from David Oaks, Robert Whitaker, Peter Stastny & Mary Nettle===> Lecture presentation by Jasna Russo: "The Importance of User-Controlled Research on Coercion"===> "Declaration of Dresden Against Coerced Psychiatric Treatment" by ENUSP / WNUSP / MindFreedom International / BPE in the English, German, Icelandish, Greek and Japanese language.Best wishes Peter Lehmann & Reinhard WojkeP.S. A corrected version of Dorothea Buck's lecture is published in "Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry", edited by P. Stastny & P. Lehmann (2007).

You may buy this new book in MindFreedom's Mad Market, click here:

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