MindFreedom Ireland Press Release.


     Bill to outlaw involuntary Electroshock ‘Therapy’ and Lobotomy


MindFreedom Ireland, which campaigns for a non violent revolution in the mental health system, welcomes the Second Reading of the Bill to outlaw involuntary electro shock.


The Bill, proposed by Green Party Senators Deirdre de Burca and Dan Boyle and independent Senator David Norris, will have its Second Reading in the Seanad on Wednesday.


It proposes two amendments to the Mental Health Act, 2001 to outlaw the use of ‘ECT’ without the consent of the patient concerned.  The controversial use of ‘ECT’ is still practiced in Irish psychiatric hospitals today.


A number of MindFreedom Ireland members, recipients of electro shock themselves, will attend the debate to demonstrate their support for what they hope will be a first step to an ultimate total ban on what they consider a barbaric practice.



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