Hi Mary

Many thanks for these 2 documents- the article about you and Jim are very supportive, good to read a paper that has the guts to publish the names of some Irish shock mills and the number of ECTs administered in 2008 - so far no Canadian paper has published similar info.The Times/O'Brien article is so-so; it unfortunately parrots shock lies by the College of Psychiatry and psychiatrist Justin Brophy, and neglects to mention well-known facts such as that women and elderly, especially elderly women (60+ years), are the prime targets of electroshock which means the procedure is sexist and ageist, and that wømen and elderly suffer the most brain damage. (Sackeim et al, 2007). The Times article also neglets to mention the important fact that the average amount of electricity delivered to the brain during most shock treatments is 200 volts, today's shock machines can deliver over 400 volts! The College of Psychiatry's promotion of forced electroshock in Ireland is disgusting and unethical. There is no such thing as "informed consent" to electroshock  or psychiatric drugs, mainly because the psychiatrists and other doctors pressure or blackmail their patients to consent. Further, 'ECT' Consent Forms or 'Patiernt information guides misinform and inaccurate, because they dishonestly claim that the grand  mal epileptic seizure caused by every shock treatment is "therapeutic", and consistently neglect to mention the very common risks of permanent memory loss and brain damage.  In this context, "informed consent" in psychiatry is a myth, a  cruel sham. Also, there is not and never was credible scientific evidence to support the College of Psychiatry's claim that ECT is "lifesaving", there is no credible scientific evidence that "ECT' saves anybody's life, no scientific evidence that shock prevents or has prevented suicide, in fact it aggravates underlying or chronic medical conditions and hastens early death in elderly patients. (see Black et al,1989; Frank, 2006; Breggin, 1997,2008)  Where is the scientific study and other evidence that "86%" of shock survivors who refused consent "recovered" or show  "improvement" after 'ECT' - according to whom? according to what independent criteria? As usual, the shock promoters including College of Psychiatry spokespeople like Brophy are misinforming the media and public, they're lying about electroshock - including  the alleged safety of ECT machines which have never been independently tested for medical safety. Electroshock machines and the procedure itself were unsafe in the early 1940s when 'ECT' was introduced in Europe and North America, they're still unsafe, in fact more unsafe today (see Andre, 2009). As we email each other, hundreds of thousands of people - particularly old and young women - are being permanently brain-damaged and traumatized by 'ECT' and had their careers or lives ruined, after being diagnosed with fraudulent psychiatric labels such as 'bipolar mood disorder",  "postpartum depression", and/or "schizophrenia"- in the name of "mental health".  Electroshock itself (not just 'forced shock ') must be and will be banned! 

Mary, my sincere thanks and best wishes to you, Jim, and MindFreedom Ireland for your outstanding initiatives and courageous resistance to this psychiatric torture and crime!

in solidarity