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The effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy:

A literature review


Department of Psychology, University of Auckland (New Zeland)

Department of Psychology, Bangor University, Wales (United Kingdom

Aim � To review the literature on the efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy [ECT], with a particular focus on depression, its primary target group.

Methods � PsycINFO, Medline, previous reviews and the eight identified meta-analyses were

searched in an attempt to identify all studies comparing ECT with simulated-ECT [SECT].

Results � These placebo controlled studies show minimal support for effectiveness with either depression or �schizophrenia� during the course of treatment (i.e. only for some patients, on some measures, sometimes perceived only by psychiatrists and not by other raters), and no evidence, for either diagnostic group, of any benefits beyond the treatment period. There are no placebo-controlled studies evaluating the hypothesis that

ECT prevents suicide, and no robust evidence from other kinds of studies to support the hypothesis.

Conclusions � Given the strong evidence (summarised here) of persistent and, for some, permanent brain dysfunction, primarily evidenced in the form of retrograde and anterograde amnesia. and the evidence of a slight but significant increased risk of death, the cost-benefit analysis for ECT is so poor that its use cannot be scientifically justified.



A Mom Speaks Out: "My Son Is Forced to Take Psychiatric Drugs!"

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Cindi Fisher is a MindFreedom member in the State of Washington. Her adult son's name is Siddharta Fisher, 33, and he's being drugged against his will and over the family's permission at Washington State Hospital. Cindi has even done a three-day fast every week. Please hear Cindi's call for support.

Cindi Fisher at a public fast she has regularly held for her son's human rights.

Update: Hear this mom on MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Web Radio this Saturday, 11 December, 2010, at 2 pm ET, click here:


URGENT ALERT: Mother's fast for son trapped in Western State Hospital!

Mom Asks Everyone to Contact State of Washington Governor Chris Gregoire!

By Cindi Fisher -- Mother of Siddharta

Court Hearing this Thursday, December 16, 2010

The most immediate catalyst for my 42 days, three-days-a-week fast, is my 33 year old son, Siddharta Fisher. Most recently he was involuntarily committed to Western State Hospital (WSH) for 30 days. 

However on Friday, December 3, his 27th day, Dr. Oleger petitioned the court to continue to detain Siddharta against his will and mine. This could mean force drugging my son for up to an additional 180 days. 

Siddharta’s hearing is this Thursday December 16, 2010. He wants to come home. He does not want to stay in the hospital. Please contact Gov Gregoire TODAY or as soon as possible (her contact info and the request statement is below) and tell her to tell the head of Western State Hospital, Jess Jamison (pictured on right), to DENY the petition!


Short Term Efficacy and Long Term Chronicity

Siddharta has been involuntarily sent to Western Sate Hospital over eight times in the last few years from two weeks to nine months.

Having little or no "VOICE OR CHOICE" in the treatment or recovery plan has meant that he is often violently forced into five-point restraints and then massively drugged against his will or at the very least coerced.

The short term effect of the drugging sometimes achieves a temporary masquerading of symptoms to satisfy the court, or the treatment team. But the long term effect of robbing him of his dignity through violently administering medication against his will, denying him a real voice or choice in the treatment plan, and administering the highly potent mind-altering, addictive drugs is a serious loss and deterioration of his quality of life and an increase in bizarre, unusual and sometimes aggressive behaviors ( a known long term side effect as well as withdraw effect of the medication). 

This is known as Short Term Efficacy Long Term Chronicity and is verified in over 50 years of suppressed research which has been summarized and exposed in Anatomy of an Epidemic," a book written by the award winning author Robert Whitaker.

Examples of Loss of Quality of Life


A very sad and disturbing deterioration of his passion for life.He no longer plays the keyboard or writes poetry... these activities were like his heart and soul.A deterioration in his physical health and well being.Physically, since being medicated over many years, he has developed a massive goiter.He now diagnosed with diabetes. He often experiences akathisia, a direct effect of psychiatric drugs, which is a inner torment that forces one to pace to seek relief that is non existent.

I want him to come home and recover in a way that empowers him. Although the mental health teams, both local and state, do not offer support in alternative empowerment and recovery models, almost all of the non-mainstream research indicate that relationship building is the core of healing and empowerment. After many years of my own research and lots of prayers, I believe, I have the support of a team, now; counselors, mentors, peers, that will become like a Village for Siddharta. Read my website about my 42 day fast, The Village Vision, and also Western States last very poor discharge plan at



PLEASE contact State of Washington Governor Chris Gregoire.

Phone: 360-902-4111FAX: 360-753-4110Email click here: Gov. Gregoire to please contact CEO Jess Jamison of Western State Hospital and request that the petition to commit Siddharta Fisher for up to additional 180 days be DENIED!  Please let me know me you've done this at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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