Electroshock "According to the National

Head Injury Foundation, each treatment equals

one moderate-to-severe head injury. And as a

series of shocks are prescribed – eight

to fifteen on average and as many as one per

month on an indefinite basis – the wounding


Gary Null

http://www.healthyplace.com/depression/shocked-ect/electroshock-as-head-injury/menu-id-1362/ Psychiatrists have no objective test to know if a person

needs any of their treatments.  Psychiatry claims to be

part of the faculty of medicine but all its theories are in

fact beliefs. Yet, they have the power to make life and

death decisions.  One of them is to administer forced

electroshock on those they deem to need it.Most of the people who receive involuntary electroshock

are in fact eldery women.  Because electroshock

produces a grand mal seizure it can always cause severe

head injury.  There have been many cases of death as a

result of electroshock.  Yet, because psychiatric

treatment in general causes more harm than good many

eldery women and others worldwide are in threat of

receiving electroshock against their will.

MindFreedom Ireland strongly opposes coercive

psychiatry.  We consider it to violate the very people it

outrageously proports to help.  Forced electroshock is a

crime against humanity.   Let those who want to justify

it trust their humanity and they will find other ways to

help people in severe distress.MindFreedom Ireland