Dear Senators,I  am an electroshock survivor and co-founder member of MindFreedom Ireland.  I hope you will put an end to forced electroshock in Ireland.  We as a nation  know only too well what is like to be forced and battered.This also is a women's issue and unfortunately, we find it difficult to have a voice and are often comdemned to remain silent even by those who mistakenly think they are being helpful!  Two to three times more women than men receive electroshock worldwide.  This is our MindFreedom Ireland statement Some of our most active members are forced electroshock survivors (none of us gave informed consent).  We have attended the Seanad to support this bill.  We have campaigned vigorously against forced electroshock.  We are part of a wider movement called MindFreedom International.  One of our members called Elizabeth Ellis, who is a retired school teacher, is publicly forced treated as I write this letter. Let Ireland lead the way and be one of the first countries to end forced electroshock! Yours sincerely, Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland, Board Member MindFreedom