Harm Disguised As Help



When I was a child I was afraid of medicine.  I did not like to visit a hospital because I disliked the chemical smells and the clinical atmosphere.  In the national school when the doctors came to vaccinate us against TB I lived in fear of the day when I had to have my jab.  I remember my aunt, who taught in the school holding my arm, when the day finally arrived and I had to join the queue.   I felt like a lamb going to the slaughter.


When my father asked me to come to America with him in 1962 I refused because I needed some teeth filled and I would have to have an injection as part of the procedure. This was an opportunity that most teenagers would jump at but my fear was so great that I declined rather than have any medical intervention.  The first time I visited the dentist was before I entered a convent when it was also compulsory to have perfect teeth!  I fainted then it was such an ordeal!


It was no wonder then that having to go to hospital for the birth of my first child was always going to be something more than the usual experience of childbirth. Nevertheless, I still wanted to have drug free birth.  But the labour was long and hard and the first drug I got was nitrous oxide.  This was administered as a gas.  I did not even know then that it was a drug.  I had a severe allergic reaction.  Later on I received more drug treatment and was given a neuroleptic for the first time.  After the second jab, the doctor in charge was aware it was causing damage because the word’ allergic’ is written on my file to verify this.  I continued to receive more drugs immediately after the birth which was then followed by electroshock just three days later in combination with even more multidrug treatment, often by injection to the buttocks. It is amazing that all psychiatric diagnoses is in the form of some conversation—questions and answers—with no scientific clinical test yet I was never asked any questions to find our how I really felt.  Now that I have had many years to reflect on my life history it is outrageous that I should have been led like a sheep to the slaughter in the name of ‘HELP’.  It is even more outrageous that many more people worldwide find themselves receiving the same kind of treatment.  Children and the elderly are the latest victims.


Throughout history the pursuit of power is part of the DNA of mankind.  It causes much damage and great unhappiness.  It is often done in the guise of help. It is the ‘conspiracy of goodwill’.  Religion is a perfect example.  The crusaders plundered and fought to convert others to their faith. They made scapegoats of those who did not believe their doctrines and branded them heretics or witches.


Today many people who behave or think differently are ‘diagnosed’ with the label ‘mentally ill’.  They are seen as non persons.  They are denied their human/civil rights.  Unlike criminals, they are not innocent until proven guilty.  Even if they are severely emotionally distressed they cannot appoint someone they trust to support them and represent them.  They can be forced against their will to receive brain damaging ‘treatments.’  A person who does this thinks he is helpful and does not see that he is using violence means to remedy others. 

A growing number of people worldwide want this to change.  We have been abused by those who claim to help us.  We want to be recognised as citizens of the world.  We deserve our human/civil rights.  We want respect, dignity, freedom, equality, truth and above all our human/civil rights.