Mary Maddock's response to the article in this week's Irish Times ' Accept mental illness as part of the human condition'.

"Fundamentally, the State and its citizens must accept mental illness as part of the human condition."   


I don't accept 'mental illness' as part of the human condition because it is not scientifically based. There is no test to prove that anyone is 'mentally ill'.


When I was diagnosed as 'mentally ill' I got no blood test, scan, x-ray etc. yet I was told I was 'mentally ill', that I had a chemical brain imbalance and that I needed drug 'treatment' for the rest of my life. I was kept on a cocktail of drugs for almost twenty years. However, it is true that medical 'treatment' actually did cause severe brain damage. The 'doctors' (and there were many of them) who prescribed the drugs and electroshock to me did cause severe damage to my body, mind and spirit.


Worldwide multi-millions of people have been damaged by psychiatric 'diagnoses' and 'treatment' as is documented in 'Anatomy of an Epidemic' by Robert Whitaker and many others. Dr Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist himself, and author of several books has done intense independent research on the damaging, real effects of psychotropic drugs and electroshock. He found them to do much more harm than good. A growing number of psychiatrists and doctors are adding their voices and refuse to be bribed by the 30 pieces of silver offered daily by super profiteering, unethical pharmaceutical companies.  


"Those of us who have been and will be affected by it are citizens with the same rights as everyone else who are in need of treatment with a view to their recovery."  


I have recovered and thrive today because I eventually became aware that the drug 'treatment' I received was causing my problems. However, I still do not have the same right as any other citizen because I cannot write an advance directive which would be legally acceptable if 2 psychiatrists, who still have no test to prove anyone is 'mentally ill', thought I needed psychotropic drugs again.  


The present mental health act deprives those labeled 'mentally ill' of their human/civil rights because once diagnosed, all it takes is the word of 2 psychiatrists to force them to receive psychiatric ' treatment'. Even though they now have a right to a tribunal after 21 days, psychotropic drugs act so fast in powerful dosages, that the recipient cannot make an informed judgment.