Quick-fix drugs solution is destroying our children

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I WOULD like to add my voice to Riona Dunlea (Letters, Oct 18). As one who was given false unscientific labels I know they cause harm and discrimination.

Many people in emotional distress are diagnosed and remain on drugs that cause more damage than good, while the cause of their distress is not addressed. It is outrageous that children as young as two are being diagnosed today. They are prescribed powerful psychotropic drugs which can cause serious harm, even death for some. "Twenty years ago, our society began regularly prescribing drugs to children and adolescents, and now one out of every 15 Americans enter adulthood with a ‘serious mental illness’." (Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker). The quick-fix solution is profitable for some but how many lives have to be destroyed before better solutions are supported and applied? Our children deserve a better future. Let us provide it. Mary Maddock MindFreedom Ireland Thornbury Heights RochestownCork

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Thursday, October 20, 2011





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