MindFreedom International - 25th Anniversary


In 1986 when Support Coalition International, now MindFreedom International was formed,  I was attending a psychiatrist on a regular basis for a disease that does not exist.  That 'disease' was then called ‘manic depression’.  I was on three mind altering substances which were causing the adverse effects I was attending the psychiatrist to alleviate!


 I discovered MindFreedom  International around 2,000 when I finally became free of the drugs which had almost killed me and left me shattered in body, mind and spirit. It was wonderful and exciting to know that such a group of people existed and had been doing such good work for so many years.  It was invigorating to learn that they had known for so long that psychiatry thrives on fear, force and fraud.  I came to realize this after so many years of torture and suffering but they had  done so much to enlighten others and help them to free themselves too.


Now I am proud to have joined this outstanding group of dedicated people and to add my voice to theirs.  I am proud also that more Irish people have become members and we have our own affiliate group MindFreedom Ireland.


May MindFreedom International become bigger and stronger in the years to come.  May we  be even more successful in our struggle for human/civil rights and help provide more positive alternatives to the dominant coercive, medical model of psychiatry which is invading our planet.


 Mary Maddock