Revealing the truth

Saturday, December 24, 2011

AS a psychiatric survivor, board member of MindFreedom International, founder member of MindFreedom Ireland and co-author of Soul Survivor — A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry, I would like to congratulate Jennifer Hough and the Irish Examiner on the article "Man detained after GP wrote letter without ever seeing him".

It is not surprising that so many people find themselves in the same situation when psychiatry is a psuedoscience which defines concepts as illnesses. It diagnoses people with "mental illnesses" and states that it is a medical science while it has no proof or medical test to show that "mental illnesses" in fact exist!. Then at the same time mental health professionals often ignore the real causes of lack of peace of mind, severe distress and trauma. The Irish Examiner stands out among other Irish national papers as a newspaper prepared to reveal the truth. May it continue to do so.! Mary Maddock MindFreedom Ireland Thornbury Hgts Rochestown