I, like so many others, was a victim of fear, force and fraud at the hands of institutional psychiatry. I encountered psychiatry for the first time two days after the birth of my first child. Having received nitrous oxide and a neuroleptic called Sparine in labour, both of which I was allergic to and more drugs immediately after the birth, I was whisked off two days later at high speed to a psychiatric hospital where I got my first electroshock the next day. I subsequently received twelve more shocks with multi neuroleptic torture over a six week period. I often received the neuroleptics in forced injection form. I can remember the pain even though due to the electroshocks and multidrugs, I would have known very little about it at all but managed to acquire my records many years later. All of this was without consent. I didn't sign any forms and I knew nothing about this medical induced harm which was done in the name of 'help'.

I only found out all of this more than three decades after the severe damage and trauma I endured as a first time mother. I had become a long-term psychiatric slave enduring horrific real effects from psychotropic drugs which I thought was a 'mental illness' I inherited due to a chemical imbalance in my brain. I thought I had become a different person in need of lifelong 'treatment'. This is the outrageous fraud and deception most psychiatrists sing from their hymn sheet (out of tune!!). This is the reason why so many people like me are being brain damaged by people who have no cure! When so called doctors can perform brain damage so easily, when they can even do it forcefully, when they are protected legally, when they are aided by governments and insurance companies, then it is no wonder that those labelled by psychiatry often live in constant fear. Then fear is the root cause of a troubled mind and a shattered spirit. Is it any surprise that people with real psycho/social difficulties fail miserably to find true peace of mind, body and spirit! Where there is no choice there is tyranny. Bio psychiatry offers little or no choice. It only has tunnel vision. It sees people as objects to be fixed. Yet it breaks, destroys and multiplies these 'objects' in need of more fixing! It is bribed, wined and dined by unscientific Big Pharma, which is only motivated by enormous profit and greed and covers up its damage. It hires fraudulent ghost writers. It has short contrived trials. It bribes the FDA, referred to as the Fraudulent Deception Association by Dr Robert Rowen. In spite of this monopoly, it is amazing that many people have survived/thrived and recovered from the destructive and coercive harm institutional bio psychiatry has left in its wake. They are exceptional people. They are today's prophets. They are writers, poets. artists, musicians and true scientists They are caring, compassionate, emphatic and above all heartfelt people. It is thanks to them and the people who understand them that there will be choice and freedom to heal in the future. I have recovered/thrived and become a stronger and happier person because I finally found out that many psychiatrists are doctors of deception who destroy people like me. I also found some true doctors such as Dr Terry Lynch, Dr Peter Breggin, Dr Michael Corry, Dr Thomas Szasz and Dr Pat Bracken to name but a few. Then I became an activist for reform and enlightenment. I joined MindFreedom International and today I am proud to be a board member. I joined other organizations such as ENUSP (European Network of ex/Users and Survivors of Psychiatry) of which I was a board member and INTAR. I discovered and practice daily mindfulness which brought me to my SENSES and I rediscovered my love for music and dancing. Music is indeed our universal emotional language. I, like Abba. say everyday 'THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC'!