Dear Prime Time,

Further to my phone conversations with Edel and Isobel on your proposed programme on electroshock, I would like to put forward my credentials as to why I should be a contributor to the said programme.

1.  I have been a recipient of electroshock on many occasions.  Yes, it was in 1976 and 1982 but despite protestations by today's psychiatrists, the electroshock I received and more importantly their very dominant medical model philosophy, still pertains today more so than ever, even though it is not scientifically valid.

2.  I am a founder member of MindFreedom Ireland and a board member of MindFreedom International which has a long standing record of opposition to the procedure.

3.  I have been instrumental in organizing five public protests against electroshock, the first such public events in Ireland.

4.  I have been featured in many articles in the national press and on radio speaking on the topic.

5.  I have been part of the campaign in the Seanad to have forced electroshock banned.

6.  Finally, given that the majority of the recipients are mothers and grandmothers, I, being both, should have my voice heard.

Yours sincerely.

Mary Maddock