Psychiatric survivor activist and author Mary Maddock, co-founder of MindFreedom Ireland, may get one of the last words in a debate in one of Ireland's main newspapers about the psychiatric industry. Mary had a letter published about her personal decision to successfully quit psychiatric drugs. Said Mary, "It is very difficult to get a letter published in the Irish Times. I couldn't believe they even included MindFreedom Ireland!"

Debate About Mental Health in Irish Times: Mary Maddock May Get a Last Word

Date Published:

Aug 03, 2012 12:00 AM

Author: Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland

Source: Irish Times

3 August 2012 

Psychiatric Survivor Leader Joins Debate in Irish Times about Psychiatric System

CORK, IRELAND: Looks like MindFreedom Ireland co-founder Mary Maddock of Cork, Ireland (right) may get one of the last words today in a debate that has played out about the mental health system in the pages of the influential newspaper, Irish Times. Mary shows us all, once more, the power of a letter to the editor. 

The debate started on 6 July 2012, with a provocative opinion piece in the Irish Times by psychiatrist Pat Bracken, who supported empowerment in the mental health system, and was highly critical of the current mental health industry approach, such as unscientific over-drugging and forced electroshock:

On 31 July 2012, psychiatrist Aiden Corvin replied, pretty much endorsing the current mental health system:

On 3 August 2012, our own Mary Maddock, co-founder of MindFreedom Ireland and MFI board member, weighed in with the BELOW letter-to-the-editor, and you can find the original here:

Text of Mary's letter:

The Irish Times - Friday, August 3, 2012

Dealing with mental health

Sir, – In response to Aiden Corvin’s article (Opinion, July 31st). I am an example of a person who would be dead today if I did not eventually become drug free and see through the fact that psychotropic drugs were causing my problems. I was diagnosed “bi-polar”. It is very clear to me now with 20/20 vision that the drugs did indeed cause the very problems many psychiatrists were trying to alleviate. They all would sing from the same hymn sheet as Mr Corvin. 

I am in touch, through various groups and websites, with many people worldwide with similar stories. Renowned author Robert Whitaker has compiled the data and evidence in his book Anatomy of an Epidemic that it is psychotropic drugs which shorten people’s lives not the fictitious, non-scientific diagnoses many of us have received

The solution is found in facing up to the truth and providing people help to help themselves if that is their choice

"Of all Tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." – CS Lewis. – 

Yours, etc,


MindFreedom Ireland,

Thornbury Heights,