Letter to the Pat Kenny show: Dear Myles/Pat, Bio psychiatrists like Veronica O' Keane believe that 'mental illness' is a disease. Yet, and I quote from another psychiatrist Dr Thomas Szasz from his book 'Insanity' who says " Psychiatry insists that schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis are brain diseases. Textbooks of pathology describe and discuss all known bodily diseases, including brain diseases. Accordingly, one way to verify whether schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis are brain diseases is to see what the authors of textbooks of pathology say about them. Well, the answer is that they do not say anything at all about these alleged diseases: they do not mention them, as the simply do not recognise mental illnesses as (bodily) diseases." Isn't it interesting then than I heard Professor O' Keane say that Dr Pat Bracken was unscientific when he dared to question the biomedical model on your programme. Yes, " doctors differ and patients die." When people are in distress they are not worried about science. They need love and kindness. They need to be encouraged to find and love themselves again or even maybe for the first time! I know Dr Pat Bracken to be a man who listens to others with a open mind. He values the opinion of those who have experience of bio psychiatry and have not found it helpful. He knows there needs to be a change of mindset. After the second Vatican council the church eventually began to value the opinion of the laity but because of their hierarchical structure even they continue after nearly 50 years to struggle with this and we are witnessing the consequences today. Where there is equality, there is love and healing. If the person who wants to help and the person who needs help are equal, they will support each other and find positive solutions. Yours sincerely, Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland