VICTORY: Forced Electroshock of Glen K. in a New York Psychiatric Institution Halted!

Within 48 hours of the launch of a MindFreedom Alert Campaign, the Attorney General for New York announced today that Glen K. will receive no more forced electroshock under his court order. Rockland Psychiatric Center was giving involuntary electroshock over and against Glen's expressed wishes. [Update 3]

Does New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo know that his state psychiatric institution is administering involuntary electroshock (ECT) over the expressed wishes of the citizen? Support Glen K, and ask the Governor this question!

Update 18 April 2012: 

Glen has been told. He is thrilled. 

He won! Thank you to everyone who spoke out for Glen!

Less than 48 hours after an emergency MindFreedom alert went out to contact Governor Cuomo (photo on right), the machinery that was delivering forced shocks to Glen as recently as Friday, has ground to a stop. 

Glen's attorneys got a call from the NY Attorney General earlier today. Under the guise that Glen is doing so well, the Attorney General will no longer defend the court order to give Glen electroshock, and they are withdrawing that order.

Glen won't be forcibly shocked any more under this order.

Given this attorney general decision, Glen may be creating an advanced directive to help protect him in the future. 

Today, MindFreedom contacted Mental Hygiene Legal Services, which has defended Glen and a number of other New York psychiatric survivors against forced shock. We spoke with Glen's attorneys Dennis Feld and Arthur Baer, who made this public statement:

"We feel that our client has been vindicated, and what we thought was one of the most onerous orders for forced treatments we ever saw has now been nullified."

And there's no need to go to Brooklyn for Glen's court hearing tomorrow, 19 April, because he won! 

MFI director David Oaks said, "Thank you everyone for your quick response on this campaign... Keep contacting Governor Cuomo and ask him to issue a moratorium on all involuntary electroshock in New York."


Updates from 17 April 2012:


You can now hear an MP3 audio of  a phone interview conducted today with Glen K., by MFI. You may also read the text notes of the interview.

The first 24 hours of Glen's campaign already had an impact. MFI received a call from John Allen, director of Consumer Affairs for NY State Office of Mental Health, who claimed: "While we can't comment on this individual case, we have suspended and are reviewing policy and procedure that would lead to these kinds of circumstances in the future." While this is positive news, MFI will wait until Glen or his representative declare victory. 

Update 16 April 2012: 

Glen K. has reasonable objections to on his forced electroshock, and states: "ECT causes profound memory loss, it causes universal brain damage , and it is a harsh, harsh treatment..." 


"No one is tired on victory day!" - ancient Persian expression

BELOW is Original MindFreedom Alert that Apparently Helped Glen Win His Campaign to Say "No!" to Forced Electroshock