Stand By Me

( a poem by one of our loyal regulars) Anne O Dwyer

Your spoken suggestions about what went wrong
Things I darn't say nowadays - let them off
Listening to me, listen to you 
in a gentle incision of anger
You become angry with one another 
often enough for me to pick up its alright
When nowadays something goes right, 
a celebration- I listen
How everyone I know a little or a lot
congratulates profusely for a poem in the paper
friends for life
A springboard to the future
Everyone was there to talk with
at my challenge
Lips held more against worry,
shapes for you to see -

A Little Help From My Friends
Our music group are branching out in a new direction as five of its members are now learning the recorder from scratch. They are learning both to read music and play a beautifully, sounding wind instrument. It is an inexpensive instrument and not too difficult is you approach it step by step.
All five women are inspirational as they have the courage to learn an instrument as older adults. It will be a rewarding journey for them as they learn to play and learn more about music and do it themselves together!



Let compassion be the fashion
Let warm, soft hugs be your drugs
Let tender love be your dove
Just be kind 
Then you will shine!
Turn, turn, turn

Mary Maddock


Story of Renewal and Transformation Part 1


Occupational Therapy in action with Karen Mc Carthy's students. A bonding experience!