Music is food for the heart and soul.


A Little Help From My Friends is a music group the meets most Fridays at 1.PM at Rochestown, Cork.  We play and sing musical songs together.  We find it a very effective way to be mindful and supportive. The tin whistle is a simple, beautiful instrument to learn and some people have learned to play it for the fist time at our group.

Laura Delano spoke at the launch of the documentary of MindFreedom Ireland which was held at the Bishopstown bar Cork, Ireland on Sunday the 22nd of June.

"In Journeying Back To Self, Laura has written the story of what happened in her life after being labeled “Bipolar” at fourteen up until the point at which she accidentally discovered Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic thirteen years later, in May 2010."

Our MindFreedom Ireland documentary was launched on Sunday the 22nd of June.

Laura Delano from MadinAmerica, activist and writer spoke at the event.

Thanks to all those who attended and support our documentary and all those who were with us in spirit and could not be present.

Be Your Own Media
      By Mary Maddock

“ Be the change you want to see in the world.”

After 14 years of activism with freedom from psychiatric oppression, I am convinced that in order to create a revolution of creative maladjustment with other creative movements worldwide, we need more than ever to be our own media. I am reading Linda Andrea’s excellent book ‘Doctors of Deception’ once more (it is well worth reading several times). She explains how established media played a very important role in hiding the real truth about the brain damaging effects of electroshock and present it as new and improved for the last four decades in America. Here in Ireland we can see a similar attempt to distort the truth by our own media since survivors of electroshock and real doctors such as the late Dr Michael Corry have struggled to have their voices heard. Now we are also hearing about new and improved electroshock. But what does new and improved electroshock do? It causes even more brain damage.    "Modifications of ECT including general anesthesia are not new or safer. They were already in place when I gave ECT at Harvard in 1963-1964. The modifications make it harder to cause a seizure so that modern ECT requires many times stronger doses of electrical energy than in the past. For example, in the early days ECT seizures could be caused by 0.1 seconds of current, but today they commonly require a full 6.0 seconds of exposure - 60 times longer. Modern ECT is even more destructive than it was in the past."  Dr Peter Breggin  It can use stronger electricity and the anaesthetic used to prevent damage to bones and teeth can have its own problems especially for elderly people who are mostly women. This only makes it easier for those who are administering electroshock to be unaware of the real damage it causes to one of the most important and complicated organs of the body – the brain, while it makes it much more difficult for victims of electroshock to take legal action.

I would never know what I am aware of today if I was depending on the established media to let me know the truth about psychiatry. I would not have found my freedom I value so much and my chances of reaching the age of 66 would be very slim indeed. My family might never know what happened to me and continue to believe that I was ‘mentally ill’!!! MindFreedom International used the internet to perfection with its very informative website and greatly helped me to finally escape the clutches of deceptive, oppressive, coercive psychiatry in 2000. It helped me so much to connect with other members and to recover from psychiatric abuse. I felt their open arms. They helped me to thrive and play my own part. I joined soon after they had gone on a 21 day hunger strike which Robert Whitaker writes about so well in his recently published book ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’. I met and almost daily contacted passionate people who were ready to walk the walk more than talk the talk! David Oaks worked 24/7 and all of us rallied around and felt we could do something to turn the wheel. Many of the members are very good writers and spend long hours mutually supporting and educating one another.

Today our revolution of freedom, truth, equality and human rights is gathering momentum because we can unite more easily and be our own media. There are many tools at our finger tips. We can speak for ourselves in our own way. We can take our own pictures. We make do our own videos. We can sing and play our own songs. We can write our own books, plays and poetry. We can paint our own pictures. We can create our own websites and blogs. We can inspire and encourage each other in any corner of the world. Many of us are doing it now. More will join in the future. You can do it too! We can and we will!



Live in the present
We Irish pride ourselves as being anti - establishment!
Unfortunately now the leader of our Country who is from Co Mayo in Connaght is lead by Big Pharma as we cannot develop our natural resourses and it (Big Pharma) provides jobs. It does not matter how it destroys our enviroment and our people. We are aware of the power of the past but we are not aware of the power that holds us in its arms in the present.
“To Hell or to Connaught” Oliver Cromwell

“All of Clare, Galway, Roscommon and most of Mayo was reserved as an enclave for the surviving Irish. The English plan was to pen in the Irish west of the Shannon River, which was seen as a defensible border, with the ocean to the west. Where the Shannon was not available in the northwest, the military settlement would seal this area. All of the islands off the coast of the enclave were cleared of the Irish or used for special purposes, such as the internship camp for priests on Inisbofin. Inside this prison without bars the English hoped to make the hardcore Irish leadership impotent, there being no ports, no war industries, no fortresses, and no natural defences. All confiscated land was to be transferred on 26 September 1653 and all unauthorized Irish were to be in Connaught or Hell by 1 May 1654.”

Psychiatry acts as today’s prison with and without bars

It labels people it re-categorises as children to imprison and ‘protect’ them for their own ‘good’ while drugging and electroshocking them to cause brain damage.

It is never easy to challenge then status quo but to be a survivor of psychiatry it is almost impossible. In Ireland today institutional, coercive psychiatry has as much a grip on Ireland as English rulers had in the past. Now some powerful Irish people are enslaving other Irish citizens with the aid of medical pseudoscience, the pharmaceutical system, the state, the legal system and the educational system But just like for centuries in the past Irish people rose up to expose British rule at great personal cost Irish psychiatric survivors with a handful of critical ‘professionals’ are courageously speaking out against the tide of deception, fraud, fear, and force which is running wild in our beautiful, fertile little country .

Connaught has had a particularly difficult history because even if it is probably the most beautiful part of the country it has been very difficult place to survive because of its landscape. It is not surprising that the Irish Network of Critical Voices in Mental Health is becoming very loud and strong in most of the counties of Connaught -Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo and Galway. From my own county Sligo alone I know of four - Aine Nibhern, Richard Patterson, known as ‘A Bit Mad Ted’, Declan Henry, author of Why Bi- Polar and Michael Roberts of Renew who are courageously educating and helping others to find out the truth about psychiatry. In other parts of Connaught there are vocal voices also. You will hear them on the social media. I hope you will join their choir this year 2014. We need your help!
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

A group from MindFreedom Ireland celebrated our Christmas party at Blarney Woolen Mills restaurant, Cork.  We shared a lovely time together complete with good food and song lead by Susan Mendez.  We used the table as a drum to accompany the lovely Christmas carol ' A little Drummer Boy'.  Thanks to all the people who have supported us over the years.  We remember especially Helena King RIP who died on the 27th of December 2006.  She attended the inaugural meeting of MindFreedom Ireland 10 years ago.


A very Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!