Occupational Therapy in action with Karen Mc Carthy's students. A bonding experience!


. "I can feel change happening in my bones, my gut, my heart... As our voices of truth and resistance grow louder and stronger, the foundations of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex are slowly starting to atrophy, bit by bit. There are generations of work ahead of us, but I know in the core of my being that there's a world beyond "mental illness" and "mental health", one where our understanding of suffering and madness has been demedicalized and repoliticized, and one where we come together in community to support one another, instead of relying on paid professionals and behavior modification and pill bottles and institutions.

I am mad in America (heck, I'm mad in the world!) Who's with me?"
I am Laura all the way!"   Laura Delano

 "Our starting point is always the validity of the person’s experience. We seek to understand what are commonly referred to as mental health symptoms and to look at how the behaviours and experiences might make sense in the context of the person’s life story and their personal journey. Creating relationships with our clients which are based on understanding, empathy, caring, genuineness and commitment is at the heart of our therapeutic work. Other aspects of our work include the healing of unfinished emotional and psychological business."




Easter Rising!


Let us rise up this Easter to a world beyond psychiatry!



Let us rise to truth instead of deception.


Let us rise to empathy instead of force.


Let us rise to natural healing instead of man made, toxic harm.


Let us all rise and shine together as part of the same human race!


The Power Of Music

Some members of 'A little help from my friends'  visited UCC on November the 25th.  They shared some quality time with occupational therapist students.  They showed them how they can put therapy into action through the power of music.