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  • A Disorder for Everyone

    http://www.adisorder4everyone.com/gallery/ 'A Disorder for Everyone' is coming to Cork on Friday, June 1st, 2018.

  • Drop the Disorder

    http://www.adisorder4everyone.com/gallery/ 'Drop the Disorder' is coming to Cork on Friday, June 1st, 2018.


    WPA CONFERENCE BERLIN 2017.   The World Psychiatric Association XV11 World Congress of Psychiatry was held in Berlin from 8 - 12 October  2017.  Due to the good offices of German psychiatric survivor, author and publisher Peter Lehmann, we were invited to speak at the Congress in the Author’s Reading Section.  In his book ‘Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs’, Peter had featured Mary’s story of weaning herself off all drugs having been given a Bipolar diagnosis 18 years earlier in 1983.  She has now been drug free for a further 18 years. In addition to relating our story in our own book ‘Soul Survivor - A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry’, we were now to give living evidence and personal testimony as...

  • St Kevin's Asylum, Cork

    "I was arrested and handcuffed in my own home, on past history as I ate my dinner by my G.P. and 3 guards, handcuffs still on I was assessed and condemned to Kevin's 3, the high security hospital.. ...There we had a television room, a wide hall and another room ironically named 'the activation facility '. I was the only one who used it for reading and writing.... The anguish of having nothing to do everyday is indescribable while the nurses for the most part were chatting and laughing, this is really hurtful when our souls are in pain - they have no care..........For the past 10 days overdosed - Risperdal, Zyprexa, Ativan and Haliperidol - all given by assault two or three times a day -...

  • Discrimination Inequality

    From the personal to the politic   When I was born in 1947, I was, soon afterwards, baptised into the Catholic church without informed consent as are most Catholics today.  The Catholic belief is that if one does not obey the commandments of  a masculine God and the man-made laws of the church and one is not forgiven by a  male priest,  then, that after one’s death, one is destined to hell fire for eternity!   The Catholic church defines sins as being mortal or venial.   Mortal sins are very serious.  Many are also state laws such as murder.   Cannon law stated that failing to go to mass on Sunday was a mortal sin!  To fail to follow any of the ten commandments or any other Catholic church laws was to be...