MindFreedom Ireland advocates a no-force model of mental health care

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  • A Little Help From My Friends

    Music is food for the heart and soul.   A Little Help From My Friends is a music group the meets most Fridays at 1.PM at Rochestown, Cork.  We play and sing musical songs together.  We find it a very effective way to be mindful and supportive. The tin whistle is a simple, beautiful instrument to learn and some people have learned to play it for the fist time at our group.

  • About MindFreedom Ireland

      MindFreedom Ireland is a voluntarily run, psychiatric survivor-led organisation which campaigns to  abolish the power of psychiatry within the present so called 'mental health' system, a system that denies human rights in the name of 'care'.  MindFreedom Ireland explores and promotes healing alternatives to the mainstream psychiatric model (sometimes called the 'medical model'). We are affiliated to MindFreedom International History of MindFreedom Ireland Helena King, Greg White, Dr Terry Lynch, Dr. Peter Breggin and Cork Advocacy Network all played their part in the genesis of MindFreedom Ireland. It was their raising of a critical psychiatric consciousness in the early years of the new...

  • Alchemy On The Wards

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL4IMfF4IXI Lyrics by Grainne Humphries Music by Mary Maddock

  • Be Your Own Media

    Be Your Own Media      By Mary Maddock “ Be the change you want to see in the world.” After 14 years of activism with freedom from psychiatric oppression, I am convinced that in order to create a revolution of creative maladjustment with other creative movements worldwide, we need more than ever to be our own media. I am reading Linda Andrea’s excellent book ‘Doctors of Deception’ once more (it is well worth reading several times). She explains how established media played a very important role in hiding the real truth about the brain damaging effects of electroshock and present it as new and improved for the last four decades in America. Here in Ireland we can see a similar attempt to distort...

  • Be Your Own Media

      Story of Renewal and Transformation Part 1   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p98ZZiPXFzA&feature=youtu.be