From the personal to the politic


When I was born in 1947, I was, soon afterwards, baptised into the Catholic church without informed consent as are most Catholics today.  The Catholic belief is

that if one does not obey the commandments of  a masculine God and the man-made laws of the church and one is not forgiven by a  male priest,  then, that after one’s death, one is destined to hell fire for eternity!


The Catholic church defines sins as being mortal or venial.   Mortal sins are very serious.  Many are also state laws such as murder.   Cannon law stated that failing to go to mass on Sunday was a mortal sin!  To fail to follow any of the ten commandments or any other Catholic church laws was to be in danger of committing a mortal sin.  Only the Catholic church possessed laws called cannon law.  Catholics firmly believed then that outside its church there was no salvation.   It was the one true church!


It was when I was training to be an Ursuline nun that I delved into theology and scripture.  Ultimately,  I was to come to the conclusion that indeed the Catholic church was not the one true church.  It was and is a deceptive church which is mostly interested in the institutional church and its survival at all costs.   Members of the church might be compassionate and kind.   However it is hierarchical, oppressive, deceptive and male driven.  Today I have for a long time no longer been a member of any church while, at the same time, I love many friends who still remain loyal to its creed.


Eventually I left the church soon after I no longer vowed to live a life of Poverty, Chastity. Obedience and the Education of girls in 1972, the latter being unique to the  Ursuline order. Just four short years later I  was entered  into another institution without informed consent called psychiatry.   You could say I got a new name then with the help of the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) and received many other names as the years rolled by.  I was baptised by lay ministers with electroshock and powerful toxic drugs. 


This institution had its own cannon laws called ‘mental health’ laws.  They were successful in dividing the ’sane’ from the ‘insane’.  The latter class were then  deprived of their human rights.  It created inequality and discrimination.  It deprived the people it classified of their very humanity itself!  It deceived itself, many of its victims and others that this was for their own good!  It was good to be unequal.  It was good to receive discrimination.  It was good to be inhuman.  It was good to be labelled by the DSM.   It was good to receive brain/bodily damaging medical intervention.    It was good to have all their adverse effects  including torture or death or both.


I  fortunately managed to escape this institution too.   It took me over three decades.   I escaped in 2000, the turn of the millennium.   Almost 18 years since I am still delving into the deception, oppression, criminality, injustice and tortuous ways of this institution and its ‘mental health’ laws.


‘’When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we will have peace’’


Then deceptive, oppressive psychiatry with its DSM/’mental health’ laws will be no more!


‘’Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.’’   C.S. Lewis


Mary Maddock, 28/6/2017