Loving Creative Children 

Today I went to the leisure centre as I do almost everyday for the last 15 years.   Good music added to the relaxing experience and I responded in my own way to each song.    It was also quiet and easier to enjoy living in the moment.


When I was finished I met two women who had worked in the health business and they both said they would not want to use it themselves!   They spoke a little bit about what they referred to as ‘mental health’ and later on one of them was happy with the label' ADD'.


Now I know well that children can be distracted when they are not interested in what is going on and some of them will let adults know if they are not afraid to do so.   However every child is interested in learning what they want to know.


I love to learn more everyday but I did not like most of what I was told to learn in school.  School as we know it is a perfect tool for expanding the economy.   It and the economy like the idea of one size fitting all.  Young children especially do not like it but because most of them like to please adults when they are put into a strict control system they tend to follow the rules.  When I ask children what subject they like best they will say something they are involved in like art or music.   Yet these two subjects are still Cinderella subjects in most schools.  Definitely not as important as maths or science!


Babies and young children naturally live in the moment.  When they like what they do they cannot be distracted!  Yet adults who are very easily distracted find it very easy to label children they don’t understand 'ADD'.


Children have enough challenges in our capitalistic word without adding to their problems  while  we ‘grown ups’ find it very difficult to live consciously  in order to love and understand them.

Mary Maddock