MindFreedom Ireland challenges the basis of psychiatry.

Psychiatry assumes that mental distress is caused by genetics, brain chemistry or other "bad blood" reasons. That is they feel that the inappropriate behaviour they observe in their patients stems from the body in a mechanistic way. Similar to someone limping because their foot is injured.

MindFreedom Ireland reject that medical model. There is little to no evidence to support the psychiatric view, which is one that is based more on faith than on science. The psychiatric industry's research and practices, which is worth billions to the drug companies, is increasingly being called into question.

Drug companies do much of what passes for research in psychiatry, which presents an obvious conflict of interest. The drug trails are slanted via techniques such as placebo washouts, ghost written research and burying of negative findings. These are established facts, albeit under publicised ones.

In it's day to day practice psychiatry uses a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, or DSM, which is devoid of both statistic and diagnostic tests. The so-called 'mental illnesses' that are listed in the DSM do not get there by any scientific method.

It is our contention, along with many leading psychiatrists, that the DSM lists various states of distressed human behaviour and class them as illnesses - rather than classing them as part of the human condition.

MindFreedom Ireland challenges the validity of the DSM labels and the psychiatric model on the basis of them being unscientific and non-medical.

We feel that receiving a DSM label is an infringement of our right to be equal before the law. The problems that lead people to be unreasonable for a particular time in their lives do not necessarily last a life time. However, no matter how sensible and rational people become following their time of emotional and psychological distress, once a label is given, they carry that label to the grave. In a court of law people with a 'mental illness' label can be easily discredited, even if that reflects a state of mind they had in the distant past.

It should be the human right of every adult to be able to decide what is in their own best interest.  Doctors are fallible and base their diagnoses on fictitious, non scientific labels based on human behaviour.  The way we feel and act cannot be redefined as an 'illness' in need of medical 'treatment'.