We need to be informed to give consent.

It is very difficult to realize what is good or bad for you when you have not lived for many decades as an adult. It is almost impossible if your mind is altered by brain damaging psychotropic drugs. I received electroshock which is now described as modified 'ECT' for the first time two days after childbirth without informed consent. The consequences of being completely misunderstood and wrongfully 'treated' by many 'doctors' then was that I was not capable of understanding myself and the world I was part of. When I was a young woman I thought I was doing fine. Even as time went on and I had very serious visible adverse effects such as Parkinson's I was in such a zombie land that everything went over my head.

I now know after 15 years with a drug less, clear ,nourished body, mind and spirit that electroshock did damage me and many others over the years. I have been active and continue to be so thankfully since 2,000 and have met so many people who have been hurt by electroshock. Worldwide women continue to receive twice as much as men often without informed consent. In Ireland it was very difficult to find the figures at the beginning but when eventually with much effort they were disclosed they were similar to every other country two women to every man. Also private hospitals provide more electroshock than others and some hospitals do not provide it. All bio psychiatrists do not advocate electroshock as a 'treatment' whereas all bio psychiatrists 'treat' people with drugs. It is very difficult to find help without being viewed as an object in need of 'treatment' because where there is power there is money and it does talk!! While powerful people continue to promote drugs and electroshock people in need will still be needy! If humane alternatives were available and everyone was able to make an informed decision then electroshock would be deleted and our memories would be valued!

Mary Maddock