"I believe", Mary told me at her house in Cork, "the biggest issue around this is human rights. The human right to decide what you want to do for yourself. " Regarding Electroshock in Ireland, Mary told me that the capacity to consent is not there because there are two words planted around it, 'unable' and 'unwilling'. "In the Mental Health Act 2001 as it stands", Mary explained to me, " two psychiatrists need to tell me, a survivor of electro-shock, that I can have it again if they think I need it again. Now I don't think I need it again, my family don't think I need it again, my friends don't think I need it again, but that is how it stands." There is no clause in The Irish Mental Health Act 2001 that can prevent someone receiving Psychiatric treatment despite not giving their consent. This is clearly a human rights abuse. "
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