Electroshock Protest May 11th, Grand Parade, Cork 2 pm.


Many thanks to all who have supported us in the past.

Hopefully, you will continue to do so again so those who want help will find real, compassionate, understanding support.

Let our local communities be places where we cherish and encourage each other!

Let us be the change that each one of us would like to experience in our world! 


"No one should be deprived of liberty unless he is found guilty of a criminal offense. Depriving a person of liberty for what is said to be his own good is immoral." Thomas Szasz MD


It is still possible to be in danger of having electroshock in Ireland because involuntary incarceration is legal.


People can be forced to receive it even if they are elderly and physically unwell on the word of just 2 psychiatrists.  Elderly women are most in danger of receiving electroshock and children can receive it also.


Even if the family or persons who know the person in danger well are on the side of the person about to receive electroshock their compassionate voices can be overruled.


People perceived to be ‘unable’ by psychiatrists, who have no scientific, objective evidence to prove that people are ‘unable’ or that they are ‘mentally ill’ in the first place, can and are administering electroshock in Ireland.


Should a person make an advanced directive requiring that they don’t wish to receive electroshock in any circumstances this is not a legally binding document.










On Saturday May 13th, psychiatric survivor group MindFreedom Ireland will mark 10 years of protest against the controversial procedure of electroshock with a public demonstration on The Grand Parade, Cork.


Increasingly worldwide, shock recipients are speaking out against the outdated and brain damaging procedure in the face of concerted campaigns by psychiatry to say it is safe and effective.


In the welter of information and misinformation being circulated, certain facts need to be clearly stated.


Firstly, by their own admission doctors do not know how it is supposed to work.  Secondly, deliberately provoking a grand mal seizure is at the heart of the procedure.  Thirdly, doctors also now admit that permanent memory loss can  be the result.


So controversial is the procedure that many psychiatrists themselves refuse to administer it.


Recipients relate how entire segments of their lives have been obliterated with their decision-making capacity severely curtailed.  Many say they were not given full knowledge of the adverse side effects before being pressurised into giving their consent.


Under the Mental Health Act 2001 an Advance Directive in which a person  states they do not want electroshock is not legally binding.


Typically, a single programme of electroshock can be up to twelve individual 'treatments', usually twice a week.  The most recent figures available show that over 2,000 'treatments' were administered in Ireland in 2015.


The protest commences at 2pm outside Bishop Lucey park.  MindFreedom Ireland campaigns for equal human rights for all and against forced psychiatry.  It calls for a total ban on electroshock as is the case in Luxembourg and Slovenia.




MindFreedom Ireland, Cork.

Ph: 021 4894303.  Mob: 087 3893830.

A Crime Against Humanity

It is our right to Be Human!

We call ourselves human because we have human complex brains. We have freedom of choice and are privileged to have the power to create. Therefore to deliberately damage the human brain is a crime against humanity. The function of electroshock is to cause cellular brain damage . It is used by 'doctors' to deliberately cause a grand mal seizure which of course causes brain damage. Therefore, we MindFreedom Ireland, are protesting again this May 13th at 2.PM outside the Peace Park, Grand Parade, Cork in solidarity with our sisters and brothers globally.