Submission from MindFreedom Ireland


Survivors of psychiatry are very aware of the role prescription drugs play in people taking their own lives. Many have found that in the long term they can cause more harm than good and for some they can be harmful even for short time usage. We have found that those who are prescribing prescription drugs do so in ways which are not helpful e.g. people taking too many drugs at the same time - put on them too quickly and for too long - taken off one too quickly and put on another too quickly - withdrawing to quickly off most drugs - given in large dosages to children, women and old people are some of our concerns. The increase in suicide rates in the countries who prescribe prescription drugs the most continues to rise since the introduction of these drugs. The suicide rates have increased even more with newer drugs such as SSRIs. Most drug trials are funded by those who have a vested interest in the sale of drugs. Drug trials are often not ethical. They are designed to get the desired results. Most of the negative findings are not published. Many deceptive ways are used to come up with their desired results such are interfering with placebos, referred to as washing out, hiding results they do not want such as suicide, ghost writing and having their drugs seen in a good light in medical journals to mention just a few! Many doctors worldwide are writing books about how deceptive these corrupt practices have become common place in medicine while innocent people and their families are victims of this deception.


We deserve to know the truth about our prescription drugs!


Mary Maddock


September 2016