While it is encouraging that more people are writing books about the harm psychotropic drugs and electroshock can cause, very few authors seem to be outraged that people can be legally forced to receive harmful procedures against their will.
We now know that drug trials are manipulated to achieve the desired results and the fact that they can cause serious harm is kept hidden. Even when many authors write about this, I often feel that they accept that somehow because drugs can be helpful sometimes it makes it alright. It is not! Why can’t we try other more humane ways to help each other?
Then, when you consider that we are so slow to help each other, people in need continue to be misinformed, while they are forced to receive lobotomizing drugs and electroshock over and over again!
Psychiatric intervention in practice continues to damage the brain and the whole body while it gets away with causing much more harm than good. It continues to force its tortuous interventions on others victimising more and more people and children. Meanwhile these victims have very little help to repair the terrible damage done to them. Others pass away or live much shorter, soulless lives. This is a crime against humanity!
Mary Maddock