"I was arrested and handcuffed in my own home, on past history as I ate my dinner by my G.P. and 3 guards, handcuffs still on I was assessed and condemned to Kevin's 3, the high security hospital.. 
...There we had a television room, a wide hall and another room ironically named 'the activation facility '. I was the only one who used it for reading and writing.... The anguish of having nothing to do everyday is indescribable while the nurses for the most part were chatting and laughing, this is really hurtful when our souls are in pain - they have no care..........For the past 10 days overdosed - Risperdal, Zyprexa, Ativan and Haliperidol - all given by assault two or three times a day - such cruelty! The effects of Haldol are almost undesirable! " Helena King

Helena King wrote these words when she was incarcerated in St Kevin' Asylum.   She also spent for the most part of many years locked in the present secure unit Carraig Mor.   She told her friends that she found it even more traumatic!  She passed away over a decade ago and said publicly on Irish television in her own words '' I am lost to psychiatry''.  She spoke out whenever she could and wrote many letters to the politicians of her time.  She was a voice crying in the wilderness but hopefully like the powerful fire that burnt away the bricks of St Kevin's Asylum may Helen's words be heard so that people in distress will not be labelled like her and deprived of their human right to be and act as human beings.