It has recently been brought to our attention that a member of MindFreedom Ireland, an involuntarily detained person in a Dublin institution, will appear before a Mental Health Tribunal in the coming days.  Despite claims that Mental Health Tribunals are "bound by the principles of natural justice and fairness", it is our considered opinion that the conventional psychiatric medical model of care is the one and only model of care that operates and that the three members of the Tribunal accept and abide by this model, which again in our opinion, is in effect a model of pseudo-scientific beliefs.  Not given any credence are the beliefs, to whatever extent valid, of any person who does not accept the medical model so that, from the outset, the Tribunal is already stacked against the person who does not comply with its model.

The MindFreedom member in question, like many others in our experience, considers himself to be a 'prisoner of his beliefs' and as such, is forced to have his liberty taken away and to be incarcerated as a criminal, though he has committed no crime.  In the Tribunal's full acceptance of conventional psychiatry's one and only medical model, MindFreedom Ireland considers this a breach of the above mentioned "principles of fairness and justice" and above all, a breach of basic human rights and calls for a more enlightened overhaul of the current legislation governing its operation.

Jim Maddock,

3rd June 2020.