MindFreedom Ireland does not agree with forced detention of people.  We see it as a denial of the human right to liberty.  We believe that every person is a human being capable of making the best decisions for oneself.   We believe it is our human right to be allowed to have the help we want for ourselves.



"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive."  C.S. Lewis
Forced long term chemical lobotomy caused by psychotropic drugs is  TORTURE!
In school, I had studied honours maths for my Leaving Cert and difficult harmony for my Music Diploma. Now I couldn't concentrate, follow a film plot or motivate myself to learn any new music.  Only my years of practice enabled me to continue with my piano lessons, though in a very mechanical fashion.  I had very little environmental awareness and could easily get lost.  My driving steadily got worse and I was involved in an accident, fortunately not too serious.  I subsequently drove very little and became more of a prisoner in my  home. I didn't even feel capable of going to Dublin by myself on the train.  I was like a child.  Sometimes I would wake at two o clock at night with terrible racing thoughts, one of the worst aspects of my so called ' illness'.  I became more and more dependent on Jim  and because of these racing thoughts, couldn't bear for him to leave the house, even for a single night.  I always wished I would die before him as I  thought I could never survive by myself.  This was all my 'illness'.  I had to bear it.   There was no other way other that stopping my 'medication' which my expert doctor wouldn't hear about.    (Side effects  Real effects -  Soul Survivor - A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry)