(Widely accepted beliefs about depression, chemical imbalances, the medical profession and the brain)


Limerick physician, psychotherapist, author and mental health activist Dr. Terry Lynch will address an audience in Cork on Tuesday September 8th to mark the publication of his new book ‘Depression Delusion - The Myth of The Brain Chemical Imbalance.’


In the book, Dr. Lynch challenges the widely proclaimed theory expounded by psychiatry that depression results from a chemical imbalance in the brain.  He states that there is no scientific evidence or medical test to support this theory which he prefers to refer to as a ‘myth’ akin to a religious belief backed up by vested interests in the pharmaceutical industry.


For years the psychiatric profession and many GPs have sold the chemical imbalance theory to the extent of having it now widely accepted by the general public.  This, Dr. Lynch states, is serious misinformation, a falsehood as untrue as the flat earth myth of past centuries.


Psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff of University College London states that Dr. Lynch “ has given one of the most pervasive and harmful myths of modern times a thorough debunking”.  American psychiatrist Peter Breggin describes Dr. Lynch’s book as “an inestimable service to the health professionals and to humanity”.  Irish psychiatrist Pat Bracken has said that “this will be a very helpful book”.


Dr. Lynch is also the author of two other books ‘Beyond Prozac’ and ‘Selfhood’, the former an Irish bestseller in 2002 which was short listed for the UK Mind Book of the Year in 2002.  He was also a member of  The Expert Group whose Report  A Vision for Change (2006)  forms the basis for current mental health policy in Ireland and served two terms on the Independent Monitoring Group established to oversee Vision for Change.  As a full time mental health professional he has provided a recovery oriented health service in Limerick since 2002.


The event is being hosted by MindFreedom Ireland, a Cork based psychiatric survivor group which campaigns for human rights and alternatives to psychiatry’s bio-medical model of treatment.  Members will provide testimonies in support of Dr. Lynch and the public will also have the opportunity to ask questions.


The event takes place in The Imperial Hotel Cork at 8pm on Tuesday September 8th.  Admission is free.  Booking advisable at 021 4894303.  Further details at





Jim Maddock,

MindFreedom Ireland,



2nd September 2015.


PH: 021 4894303 Mob: 086 0624445



MindFreedom Ireland


An Evening with Terry Lynch

who will be interviewed by Patrice Campion

on his new book

'Depression Delusion 
The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance’

Personal testimonies will be given by Colette Ni Dhuinneacha, Barbara Barrett, John Sawkins and Mary Maddock on how the ’Depression Delusion’ impacted their lives followed by questions from the audience.

‘ Sing it from the Mountains’ composed by Mary Maddock will be sung by Susan Mendez.

8.00 pm Tuesday 8th September

in the Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork.

Admission free


Further enquires:

021 4894303


 A Report on our electroshock protest in
 Cork, Ireland.
 First of all it was a beautiful sunny
 day.  We held our protest outside The Peace Park in the
 centre of the city where we have had quite a number of
 anti-shock protests in the past.  The iron railings of the
 park facilitate our two big Ban Shock signs.  In addition
 we had lots of other signs with the usual messages and
  another huge  Stop Shock banner which had arrived from
 Deborah in Oregon earlier in the year. Our prevailing colour
 scheme was red and white, the MindFreedom Ireland colours
 and also the county colours of Cork, known throughout
 Ireland as The Rebel County. 
 We had about 20 activists on
 site, some who had traveled from Dublin and Waterford and
 there was a great engagement with passers by between shared
 conversations and leaflet handouts.  The most common
 response was 'Do they still do that?'  Four people
 - Colette Ni Dhuinneacha, Mary Power, Kevin Foley and Mary Maddock - gave personal
 testimonies of their shock experience.  Also in The Peace
 Park was an LGBT group demonstrating for a Yes vote in our
 upcoming Referendum on same sex marriage and on the
 suggestion of Derry Mescal, we united our two banners in a symbolic
 gesture of solidarity and support for human rights for both
 Music was provided by Kevin on his guitar which,
 along with further music from the LGBT group, added greatly
 to a vibrant atmosphere.  The day was a wonderful
 experience for all involved, especially for those for whom
 it was their first time to actively campaign. In keeping
 with David Oak's advice to be 'our own media' we
 took pictures which are already posted and also filmed the
 event which we hope to have up very soon.  In addition we
 achieved coverage in two local papers, including  an
 Evening Echo centre-page 1000 word article by yours truly
 entitled 'Shock 'therapy' - Yes they still do
 We concluded the day with coffee and scones in
 the nearby Quay Co-Op vegetarian restaurant, all 
 by feeling part of an historic international event!
Jim Maddock


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