Article published in Mad in America by Dr Terry Lynch

" Few people realize that psychiatry is a house of cards without a solid scientific foundation that could easily crumble if properly and independently examined, and psychiatry’s position with it. One can therefore understand why psychiatrists might resist the questioning of their profession; there is a great deal at stake for them."



"This brief online video was posted by MindFreedom Ireland on the FB group MindFreedom Creative Revolution. I am so touched that they chose their 2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade entry in Ireland to involve me here in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I send my love!!" David W. Oaks


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Voices in the Wilderness

I am writing as a survivor of psychiatric deception and oppression. I have no vested interest. All I want is a voice! I could be seen as a successful ‘ ex user’ of psychiatry for almost 30 years because I was living at home for most of the time after I was totally misunderstood by psychiatrists and doctors. There are many more like me. You can read about them everyday on social media.

I was perceived as a ‘success’ as I developed more and more serious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual adverse effects from three powerful substances I consumed as prescribed for over a decade and a half. I encountered psychiatry in the late seventies and did not find my freedom until the year 2000 when I swallowed the last portion of Lithium, which I was told I needed to take for the rest of my life! I am drug free for 16 years. I am living the life I would have lived if I had never encountered psychiatry in the first place complete with my beautiful mind intact!

When those who have found the medical model to be seriously harmful, they are considered to be ‘unable’ by most psychiatrists. These same psychiatrists have no biological tests to show that anyone has what they refer to as a ‘mental illness’ in the first place, yet they daily force people to receive powerful drugs which can be very harmful. All you have to do is read the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs to find out! Even other prescription drugs can have psychiatric serious effects also.

We are told to keep quiet and to not allow other people harmed by drugs to become free also but where does that leave us and all those who have died too young to have a voice?!
Mary Maddock

We, MindFreedom Ireland are not happy that the new capacity bill is leaving 'unable' still...

Capacity Bill


We, MindFreedom Ireland are not happy that the new capacity bill is leaving 'unable' still present. Many of us have had our human right to choose denied because we disagreed with the psychiatrist's view of our wellbeing. We were thought to lack 'insight'. We are intelligent people so we want what we feel is best for ourselves. Most psychiatrists diagnose others without any medical test to show we need their help. They then feel it is their duty to force their opinion on us to 'save' us when their revolving doors keep on revolving and they continue to institutionalize people in the wider community. They have a very bad track record yet our government keeps paying them hard earned tax payer's money to keep this system alive which is clearly not fit for purpose. Even one psychiatrist publicly stated this at a conference in Cork this November. All we want is to be allowed to determine our own lives without people with vestige interests taking 'care' of us!
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." C.S.Lewis


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