A Crime Against Humanity

It is our right to Be Human!

We call ourselves human because we have human complex brains. We have freedom of choice and are privileged to have the power to create. Therefore to deliberately damage the human brain is a crime against humanity. The function of electroshock is to cause cellular brain damage . It is used by 'doctors' to deliberately cause a grand mal seizure which of course causes brain damage. Therefore, we MindFreedom Ireland, are protesting again this May 13th at 2.PM outside the Peace Park, Grand Parade, Cork in solidarity with our sisters and brothers globally.

Ten good reasons to say no to electroshock

1) 'ECT' is oppressive, violent and undermines the integrity and dignity of people.

2) Research shows the ineffectiveness of electroshock.

3) Vulnerable people who can not say "No" such as the elderly are given this experimental "treatment".

4) 'ECT' causes deaths.

5) 'ECT' causes brain damage.

6) 'ECT' causes permanent memory loss.

7) 'ECT' leads to learning disabilities and intellectual deficits .

8 ) Adverse reactions to 'ECT' are numerous: confusion, headache, weakness, insomnia.

9 )' ECT' does not improve people's health. 

10) 'ECT's effectiveness is disputed within the scientific community.


Please join us on Saturday 7th  at 2.PM, Grand Parade, Cork.

MindFreedom Ireland


An Evening with Terry Lynch

who will be interviewed by Patrice Campion

on his new book

'Depression Delusion 
The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance’

Personal testimonies will be given by Colette Ni Dhuinneacha, Barbara Barrett, John Sawkins and Mary Maddock on how the ’Depression Delusion’ impacted their lives followed by questions from the audience.

‘ Sing it from the Mountains’ composed by Mary Maddock will be sung by Susan Mendez.

8.00 pm Tuesday 8th September

in the Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork.

Admission free



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